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Since 1906 The Swaen has been offering an extensive range of crafted malts for beer, made from premium ingredients. We are dedicated to creating consistent, high quality base, specialty and roasted malts.


For more than a century our malthouse has been producing premium quality malt for all types of beer, from pale lagers through to dark ales, bitters and stouts. Our exceptionally high quality raw materials, technologically advanced facility, and long-held traditional expertise make our malts highly desirable. With more than a century’s experience, we are the ideal partners providing a professional grain selection, germination, kilning and roasting service to deliver the best malts. We aim to be highly responsive to our clients’ requirements, and will work to create malts that meet your exacting needs. At The Swaen we are experts in sourcing the best quality barley, wheat and rye. Using our bespoke, advanced germination and kilning, and probably the most environmentally sensitive roasting system, we are able to offer the very finest quality malt for the industry.


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The Swaen Plant

We now have one of the most advanced facilities in the industry, from storage through to steeping, germination, kilning and roasting, ensuring consistently  high quality malts for your beers.


unique germination system

Our mission is to  create outstanding malt for our partners. In order to achieve production excellence The Swaen has one of the most modern and unique malting technology installed. The new stainless steel germination system make it possible to produce smaller homogeneous single batches, which guarantees permanent  quality of malts also in smaller quantities to produce our wide range of specialty malts.



Every stage of the malting and roasting process is impeccably executed, maximizing the benefits from the complex biochemistry. The Swaen blends the traditional art of malting with the latest innovations, resulting the best  and finest malts. Our customers benefit through improved homogeneity of the malt, constant new product development and jointly working on new and improved beers.


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The Swaen Products Distributed By LD Carlson




The Swaen's wheat malts meet the demands of this growing beer sector. Crafted from exceptional Sealand Flanders wheat, White Swaen malts are produced to give superb brewhouse performance whilst maximizing taste, aroma and mouthfeel, delivering enhanced head stability.




The Swaen's intense premium dark roasted malts are created specifically for deep red, dark brown, black and fuller-bodied beers. Brewers of porters and stouts will truly value the powerful colors, aromas and flavors of these very special malts.




A diverse range of quality base malts, for all types of beers including Pilsners, light, amber and dark lagers; pale, amber, dark and brown ales; bitters; stouts; and export beers. Made from the best European barley.




Specialty caramel malts crafted from the finest barley, roasted with greatest care. They provide complex flavors from slight caramel sweetness to soft toffee notes. The Swaen's unique roasting process gives a fuller body and mouthfeel, and better foam stability, so you can brew the best beer.




The Swaen's most exclusive, artisan malts are reserved for the Platinum range. Hand-crafted on demand to clients’ specific requirements under the artistic and creative supervision of our Master Maltster, these exceptional malts are for the most outstanding beers. Kosher and Halal varieties are available.

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LD Carlson Company

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