Process For Establishing An Account For Wholesale Purchase From LD Carlson


Thank you for inquiring about becoming a wholesale customer of the LD Carlson Company!

Please read carefully to see if this applies to your current business or pending business plans. Ours is a specialty business when it comes to retail and on-premise shops, therefore we cannot approve all inquiries. We highly recommend getting account approval before leasing or purchasing a place of business.

LD Carlson account approval process:

Fulfill the following criteria:

  • We do not sell to clubs, individuals, home-operated or internet/mail order only-businesses. We are interested in businesses that can properly represent our products to sell in a retail location. We strongly recommend that you and/or your employees have a working knowledge of beer and wine making before opening a store.
  • Retail and on-premise stores must provide a copy of their Federal Tax ID notice and the address or general area of their proposed location. Store location must be commercially zoned and have a retail storefront. Retailers meeting our qualifications are subject to approval based on the quality of the location and the proximity to like businesses. Retailers are subject to a $2,000.00 first order minimum that must be prepaid. All first orders must be prepaid. Order frequency and quantity are subject to annual minimum requirements and must be fulfilled to keep your account active once approved.
  • On-premise accounts need to provide their winery or brewery license, if applicable, or any other licensing that applies to their business.
  • Wineries and breweries need to provide their winery or brewery license. Wineries and breweries may be subject to a first order minimum, and the first order must be prepaid.
  • Manufacturers interested in specific items for purposes unrelated to beer and wine making retail may set up an account for those items. Manufacturers are not subject to a first order minimum, but the first order must be prepaid. Manufacturers are required to produce a copy of their Federal Tax ID notice.

Fill out the form to request contact from our Sales Department:

If you meet the criteria listed above, please continue to the Contact Request Form by clicking on the following link:

  • Download Contact Request Form

  • your request will then be reviewed by a sales associate.

  • All new customer approvals are determined by the preceding criteria. All approved new accounts must complete an LD Carlson account application, payment terms form, and submit the appropriate licenses and certificates. At LD Carlson we pride ourselves on fair and honest business practices and expect the same from our retailers. LD Carlson verifies all submitted information and reserves the right to decline and/or terminate any account as we deem necessary.

    Thank you again for your interest and we look forward to working with you.

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